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Hi there. Welcome to Fire Bird Magic.

Strange name for a magic shop site, huh?

Fire Bird Magic takes its name from the phoenix, a mythical bird from ancient Greek folklore. It is said that when the phoenix dies, it will burn up in a burst of flames but then magically rise up again from the ashes and be born anew.

Artist rendition of the phoenix
Phoenix art

As a part-time magician myself, I know that we experience times when we feel a bit disillusioned with our progress along our magic journey. At those times, it seems like we can’t seem to improve no matter how much we practise. Our tricks and routines don’t seem to make as much impact on the audience as before.

I hope that this site can be a symbol to remind and inspire you that you can reignite your passion and rise again like the phoenix, as long as you persevere and do not give up. Become better and stronger.

At Fire Bird Magic, we aim to bring you only the highest-quality magic effects and props so that you can elevate your performance standard to its fullest potential. You must use professional-grade equipment if you want to become a true professional in this art.

Happy practising and happy performing!

Alex Tsui
Fire Bird Magic