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Thank you for shopping with Fire Bird Magic. We sell to customers worldwide.

Physical Products

For all customers outside Malaysia, your orders will be shipped within 1 business day directly from our US supplier.

If you are in Malaysia, we use a pre-ordering system. We will order from our supplier on a fortnightly schedule (every 1st and 15th of the month). Then we will ship your orders to you once we receive your items from our supplier. If you place your orders just before the 1st and 15th, it should take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for you to receive your items.

Please keep in mind that postal services can sometimes be delayed due to Covid protocols.

Download Products

For download products, you will instantly receive a password in your email to access your download.

No delay. No shipping cost.

Return/ Refund Policy

No refund can be offered on download products.

For physical products, we can only accept a return if you can show clearly that the item is defective upon purchase. We will give you a replacement of the same product and will only consider a refund if we cannot replace it.

All magic products involve a secret and you cannot ask for a return/ refund just because you changed your mind or didn’t like an item upon receiving it.